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Kris' fitness journal

15 May
Fitness & weight-loss journal of a 20-something mommy of 2.

After the birth of my youngest child at the end of Dec 2004, I set out to loose all the pregnancy weight I'd gained during that pregnancy as well as during the previous 4 pregnancies!

No easy task - that was a total of 85 lbs to lose!

During 2005, I ate well and went to the gym very very regularly. I lost all of the pregnancy weight from my youngest, and then went on to lose another 20. I lost a total of 60lbs in that year!!

2006 has been a lot more difficult. I went back to work full-time after my son turned 1, and my old car accident injuries have been flaring up a lot during the year (probably because my work involves a lot of time being on the computer and/or the phone!).

Here are my "stats" for the time being:

* Highest weight: 225lbs (9 mos preg, Dec 2004)
* Lowest weight (recently): 158lbs (April 2006)
* Current weight: 185lbs (Dec 2006)
* Target weight: 140lbs