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*K Fitness*

Kris' fitness journal

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K_Fitness 2006



January 7th, 2009

I last posted in July with half of phase 15's results. Here is the info from the 2nd half of that phase...

I started a new job in August which I'd hoped would be beneficial, as it involved a good walk each day to and from the bus stop to Parliament Hill. However, it did really awful things to my back!! My car accident injuries were partially healed before I started this job and working full-time again made them 10x worse. :( I did gain a bit more weight, but then after quitting the job, I recommitted to my fitness goals and lost 5 lbs.

Week 5

July 28



Week 6

Aug 4

Week 7

Aug 11

Week 8

Aug 18

Work started @ Senate


Week 9

Aug 25

Walking each day

Week 10

Sept 1

Walking each day


phase 16 & 17Collapse )</p>

July 31st, 2008

start of phase 15

KFitness measuring tape

Phase 10





Week 1

June 30

Walking @ Tremblant, 2 walks outside with Harmony

Started portion control


Week 2

July 7


Week 3

July 14



Week 4

July 21


At the end of this week I'll try to do some measurements to compare with previous ones. And maybe get brave enough to take the "before" pics I took (which are really just pics of me now that I'm dearly hoping will eventually become "before" pics again!!).

July 5th, 2008

a new start!

K_Fitness 2006
I can't believe I haven't posted in my fitness journal since last October. Well, actually I can, it's been a whirlwind of a time.

Since then, I started working full-time again, then lost that job 3 months into it, then started a new job a week afterwards, then was in a car accident a month and a half after starting the new job!

All through this, I was adjusting and re-adjusting the medications I was using to treat my OCD, and then of course started on painkillers after car accident.

Unfortunately, I lost a lot of my body tone, fitness, and strength. My joints and muscles have sustained new injuries and old injuries (from my 1st car accident) have flared up again.

And in the past 9 months, I have gained 20 lbs. :( :( :(

Which means of the 85lbs I originally set out to lose, I'm now back around the -15lbs mark. I had reached -65lbs in 2006, only to come all the way back here.

I was going to give up completely. I even tore down the inspirational "You've done it once, you can do it again!" statement and picture and weight chart next to my bedroom mirror.

But instead, I think I'm going to just start small and do what I can.

Because doing something is better than doing nothing right? Even if it may not be possible for me to lose weight right now because of my car accident injuries, maybe I can "turn the tides" a little and at least stop gaining. I'm so tired of how I look and feel. I miss being fitter and slimmer, more comfortable in my clothes and in my own body. I miss being able to keep up with my kids better. I miss feeling more confident. I miss those clothes I bought for myself as a treat after I lost all the weight and have since had to put away. I hate that I have almost no pictures of myself from a recent family vacation, and I hate how much I dislike the two pictures I do have.

So stay tuned for this fitness journal to re-open. :) I'm thinking of transferring it over to Wordpress (like I did with my everyday blog) and hosting it on my website. But I can still set it up to post here to this LJ account as well so it will show up in people's friends pages.

I intend to follow the same format I did when I lost all the weight in 2005/2006. A "Fitness Phase" lasting 10 weeks each. Weigh-ins each week. Goals for fitness activities and eating set out at the beginning of each phase. Measurements every 4 weeks.

It may take me longer than it did last time and I won't have the same advantages (having a baby to knock off the first 10lbs easy!, breastfeeding) and I will have other factors slowing me down (medications including anti-depressants, new car accident injuries), but maybe I can do it again!?

It may feel a little like starting from scratch. I am the same size now that I was 3 years ago before losing all the weight. But maybe my body will remember what it was like to do that. Maybe all the things I learned about fitness and about my body will help me along the way.

I took a "before" picture today, and I truly hope that's what it becomes. I want to be able to put another "after" picture beside it of a slimmer, fitter, healthier me!

If you'd like to join me on this journey, just keep 'on reading! :) I'll take all the encouragement I can get! :)

October 16th, 2007

End of phase 13

KFitness measuring tape


week 9

Oct 1st

  • 20 min elip

  • pilates video (45 mins)

  • spinning 45 (str/end)

  • walk outside (30 mins)



week 10

Oct 8th

  • 45 mins Spinning (END)

  • 30 mins elip


Waist: 37

Hips: 45

Arms: 12.5

Legs: 24”

Calves: 15”

Bust: 34.5” / 42”


October 8th, 2007

Phase 13 ~ weeks 8 & 9

KFitness measuring tape
Week 8:

  • Pilates video @ home

  • 30 min elip (1.1 miles)

  • 30 min WT

  • (back flare up)

  • 45 min aquafit (deep)

Week 9:

  • 20 min elip

  • pilates video (45 mins)

  • spinning 45 (str/end)

  • walk outside (30 mins)

Healthy eating: I did pretty well in this department, aside from Thanksgiving weekend treats! Doing a lot better without desserts in the evenings or snacks after 7:30.

Body results: Down to 191, I just want to get that one last pound! Hopefully by the end of next week (which is the end of Phase 13), I'll be there!!

September 24th, 2007

Phase 13 : week 7

2006 Harmony soccer
  • 45 min Spin class (INT)

  • 30 min elip (1.1 miles)

  • 30 min WT

  • 45 min Spin class (STR)

  • Aquafit SURF (45 mins)

& with all this, I've lost one more pound. :) So it seems like right now for me, working out 4x/week is what it takes. When I do 2x/week I can maintain the weight loss I've had so far but if I let things lapse and miss all my workouts, I tend to gain a bit. It's been a great month to get back into a fitness routine, now I just have to make sure to stick with it once I start working full-time again (which is coming up soon I think!).

September 17th, 2007

Phase 13 ~ week 6

KFitness scale graphic
Fitness Activities:

  • 45 min Spin class (END)

  • 20 mins elip.

  • 45 min Spin class (INT)

  • 30 min Weight Training

  • 20 min elip.

  • Mall marathon

Healthy Eating: Not too bad. A little better in the dessert category (eating desserts a bit less often) but still addicted to sugar. Having a small sweet treat after lunch and dinner.

Body Results: Pushing that number down on the scale yet again, it is a challenge to maintain my weight, let alone lose more. Back down to 194, hoping to see 190 very soon.

September 8th, 2007

Phase 13 ~ week 6

2006 Harmony soccer
Well, after 2 weeks of not going to the gym (due to holidays, immediately followed by a sprained ankle!), I sure jumped back on the bandwagon! Here's my Fitness log for the week:

  • 45 min Spin class (END)

  • 20 mins elip.

  • 45 min Spin class (INT)

  • 30 min Weight Training

  • 20 min elip.


Getting back on track here as well. Snacking less in the evenings. Still could use some work for sure, still eating a lot of sugary sweets and treats.

Body Results:

Up a little, probably from the vacation and missing out on exercising for a couple weeks. Sitting @ around 195, hoping to see 190 again soon though!

August 13th, 2007


3 apple patries (small)
apple juice diluted with water
water (500ml++)
a Nutrigrain bar
a sandwich (peanut butter, banana, and nutella)
iced tea
5 M&Ms, 5 jelly beans
a yogurt
2 hotdogs with ketchup and cheese
1 pirouline
handful of gummies (maybe about 10)
water (500ml)


30 mins on the eliptical, 1.1miles

August 10th, 2007

So Phase 12 finished off with a 4-day camping trip in which I did lots of walking. I'm down (finally!) to 190, which means I've lost about 10lbs in 2007, and am 35lbs into my 80lb post-pregnancy total weight loss goal.

At the beginning of phase 13, I'm recommitting to my fitness goals, which I hope to stick to a little better this time around! I definitely need to press on with my gym workouts and get a little stricter on myself when it comes to sweets and treats. I've been too lax with my healthy eating goals and not quite as regular as I should be with getting out to the gym.

Here are my phase 13 goals...

Phase 13 goalsCollapse )
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